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10 Dance of Creation mp3 Instrumental Version

Thank you, Lord, for all the places of great beauty
that you have taken us to,
and all the inner beauty of the people we know who love You.

Thank You for the creative loveliness
that surrounds us on every side,
that all possess who have a heart to shape and craft and sew and sound.


We drink in
the fragrance
of frailest bluebell, philadelphus
and flowering rose

yet have less than
no idea
how You formed
the original pattern
when You hymned
creation into being.



Whatever depths of beauty we explore
we observe You there fourscore;

whatever subject we set ourselves to study
we find You deep within.




Be now with all who are setting out on fresh adventures.

Grant them grace to discern Your concerns,
power to resist distractions,
and strategic connections that will make a lasting impact.


Be with those who feel as though they are
marking time or slipping back.

Prepare them now for all
You have in mind.

Consume their hearts
with longing for the Heavenly Country,
whose host hasten at Your bidding
to succour and sustain.

How often we have found ourselves having a brush
with the boa crush of profoundly Gothic fears:
gibbering goblins sowing diabolic thoughts of darkness
that taunt our spirits and daunt our hopes.
Most serene are those who lean on Your proven promises
to scatter the clatter of umpteen dire and dreadful Fearlings.


Lord, Your mercy comes in ways that are
as unexpected as they are undeserved;
so brim full of grace
that despair melts away
for who can believe that our Helper is all powerful
and yet remain doleful and doubtful?



“It is because you are aspiring to heavenly things
that these deadly foes have come to head you off.

Resist their plausibly persistent scaremongering
and take it captive in the Name of the One
who neither slumbers nor sleeps.
He will keep your soul intact
and break all other spells.




“Rise above the spirits that air-sail the thermals of the sky
in their bid to assail questing souls.

Have no more fear of the years to come than of the years that are past,
for ‘He will nourish you and your little ones,’ (Gen. 50:21)
and not allow you to miss the mark;
and although you do not know what lies ahead,
you know and love the One Who knows the way.

Whatever happens,
you must live in a manner worthy
of the Good News about Christ,
as citizens of heaven. (Philippians 1:27)

“You love to give us those with whom our spirit chimes,
to attempt new and greater things for You.



What joy when the bedrock is safe enough
to trust each other’s hearts,
and we can say of our friends and colleagues:
‘You have caused us to know the Lord that much better
because we see so much of Him in you.’




May we stand together with those whom we can count upon.
-- though not everyone will have the good will to fit the bill.
Help us to discern
what is the result of our choosiness
and what Your chosenness.

May we be careful not to demand that others
embrace our every point of view,
but rather find out where the boundaries lie
and which things we must insist upon.


give your hearts to one another.

Plough deep as well as wide,
but do not bemoan
that I must test the fabric of your relationships.

Outward giftings
all too often conceal wrong ambitions
but I insist on a character
that matches your calling.

Declare war on every flicker of uncertainty
that would crush the flow of trust between you.

The enemy cannot pierce
the cloak of closely woven friendship fabric
as I knit your spirits together:
well woven strands
that both call and comfort others –
and when some especially sharp blow
strikes one,
each will feel it quite as acutely.

Though sunlit days bring special sweetness,
you actually achieve the finest bonding
when your back is to the wall.

Friendships forged in fire
are refined for finer fare,
and those who weep and pray together
hold each other through
the times of strain and shame;

and should some friendship-breaking act
attack our roots
even then,
where there are humble hearts
My grace can rectify so much,
restoring that which has been whittled
and snatched away.




















If certain links are crossed out with indelible ink,
I send profound new friendships to take their place,
jump starting the years to make up for missing time.

Since I hold true friendships in such high esteem,
hoist your sails to catch the wind
and let a whole new tale evolve
as you sail both sweet and stormy seas.



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Readers: Musicians: Recording Engineers:
Robert Weston Carol Sampson (Singer songwriter) Colin Owen
Rosalind Weston Christiane von Albrecht (Keyboard) Jonathan Greenwood
Andrew Whettam Linda Entwistle (Vocals & Keyboard)  
Harmony Greenwood Elizabeth Long (Flute)  
Jacqui Galvin Corinne Frost (Cello)  
  Keith Entwistle (Percussion)  
  Grace Lee (Violin)  
  Thomas Herzog (Oboe)  
  Christine Rick (Cello)  
  Claire (Violin) and Chian Lim (Viola)  
  Jo Garcia (Cello)  
  Andrew Whettam (Marimba)  
  Francis Cummings (Composer)  
  Jo Foote (Recorder)  
  Robert Weston (Recorder)  
  Sue Perks (Singer)  


The recordings are copyrighted to Ruach Breath of Life Ministries 2011, but the material can be used freely if properly attributed.
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