Ruach Breath of Life Ministries is delighted to present this CD as an opportunity to draw close to the Lord through a combination of beautiful music and prayers  that range from the contemplative to the intercessory.
  Set out below is the track list contained on the Cd.

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Track List
Introduction, The Father reveals His Glory
  Flute music (Dave Hart)and Rise up and see (Linda Jones) Mp3 [3mb]
Life-bringer and Trail Blazer
  ‘Celtic Music’ (Dave Hart) Mp3 [1mb]
Why are we afraid of Your leading, Lord?
  Fire from the North, improvised music (Francis Cummings) Mp3 [1.5mb]
With God in the darkness
  Music from The Return (Wellspring)  
Purify our Heart’s Desires
  Harp Music Lauda (Bill Klein) Mp3 [1.5mb]
Let Your Kingdom come
  Fire from the North, improvised Music (Francis Cummings) Mp3 [3mb]
The Ages and Stages of Life
  Piano Music (Dave Hart) & Harp Music Lauda (Bill Klein) Mp3 [1mb]
Love that reaches out
  Piano Music (Dave Hart) Mp3 [1mb]
Shine Your Light into the Dark, Lord!
  Swedish Folk Song (arranged by Francis Cummings) Mp3 [3.8mb]
Stoke Revival Fires
  Fire from the North, improvised Music (Francis Cummings) Mp3 [1.6mb]
The Call of God resounds across the Earth
  (Light the Fire of Your Spirit’s power)
Fire from the North, improvised Music (Francis Cummings)
Mp3 [2mb]
The Return
See www.wellspring.org.uk for details of inspirational recordings by Wellspring.

Transfiguration is the sequel to Encounter, which Ros and I recorded over seven years ago, setting prayers that Robert had written to spectacularly beautiful music. We have had such outstanding comeback from this that we have long been eager to produce a sequel, but were waiting for the right music to be available.

Several of the tracks were written by Dave Hart, who has kindly donated us the use of them, as well as doing a heroic job first recording the prayers and then producing the disk from our suggestions.

Shortly before Fire from the North conference, Francis Cummings spent a morning recording with a group of friends who are classical musicians. As they began to improvise together, the Lord created some exquisitely beautiful music, much of which blends perfectly with these prayers. Thank you again to Francis Cummings, Alex Robertson, Linda Jones, Elisabeth Long, Robin Stevens, Shirley Richards and Philip Wigham who recorded these pieces: what you did then is proving a great blessing now.

We are also grateful to Bill Klein for allowing us to use two pieces of harp music from his tape Lauda. The glorious music that ends Transfiguration is taken from ‘Wellspring’s’ dramatic recording The Return – which was itself an outstanding piece of improvised musical meditation. The voice you hear at the end is that of Mike Allen. We are grateful for permission to reproduce this.

Most of the prayers are my own, but I have included a short prayer by George MacDonald, ‘Maker of me, going on making me,’ as well as Teresa of Avila’s ‘Let nothing disturb you.’ I have also adapted Charles Whiston’s adaptation of a beautiful ancient prayer, ‘O Come Holy Spirit come’.

We felt it right to ask Robert Eggleston to read the ‘narrator’ role – and what an inspired choice this turned out to be. Little did we know at the time, but Robert was spectacularly converted by opening his Bible to the passage that describes how Jesus was ‘transfigured’ on the mountainside! It has been a special blessing to involve him in a project so dear to his heart.

Readers: Sound Engineers:  
Robert Weston Mastered by Dave Hart, and produced by Dave Hart and Robert Weston  
Rosalind Weston    
Robert Eggleston    
Mike Allen

To order copies of the CD, please write to: Robert Weston

We would appreciate a donation of between £5 and £10 per copy to put towards the considerable costs of producing this CD, and of preparing new recordings, but we quite understand if you are not able to afford so much.
Please don't let that put you off!

Please make cheques payable to Ruach Breath of Life Ministries.
The CD is copyrighted to Ruach Breath of Life Ministries 2008, but the material can be used freely if properly attributed.

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