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8 This is where we belong mp3 Instrumental version
  'Fire from the North' 4


“I will purify your lips to call on My name,
and to serve Me shoulder to shoulder
as one holy nation.
Where nation states still subsist,
they will do so as outposts of the saved,
their only desire to do My Father’s will.”


I will be there to welcome each one of you,
and to put to rights all that is undergrown or overblown
as you walk in a sea of delight
without your many limps,
My presence pervading all that you do,
and your souls caught up in the Song of the Lamb.

This is where you belong in the land of the living, where Earth and Heaven meet





While twenty-four elders
and the four living beings
fall down and worship God,
who is sitting on the throne.




They cry out,
Praise the LORD!”
For the Lord our God,
 the Almighty,

    Let us be glad and rejoice,
and give honour to Him.
For the time has come
for the wedding feast of the Lamb,
and His bride
has prepared herself.

She has been given
the finest of pure white linen
to wear.”
the fine linen representing
the good deeds
of God’s holy people.

And the angel said to me,
“Write this:
Blessed are those
who are invited
to the wedding feast of the Lamb.”

And he added,
“These are true words
that come from God.”

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(1) Zeph. 3:9
Michael Green, The Second Epistle of Peter and Jude Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, IVP 1987, p. 155; cf David Lawrence’s book Heaven: it’s not the end of the world (1995 and 2002) Scripture Union triggered many of the thoughts and associations in this meditation – especially pages 50-1, 61, 71,85, 88, 93-99, 109, 121, 134-137, 140-141.
(3) From Psalm 27:9, 12-14

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Readers: Musicians: Recording Engineers:
Robert Weston Carol Sampson (Singer songwriter) Colin Owen
Rosalind Weston Christiane von Albrecht (Keyboard) Jonathan Greenwood
Andrew Whettam Linda Entwistle (Vocals & Keyboard)  
Harmony Greenwood Elizabeth Long (Flute)  
Jacqui Galvin Corinne Frost (Cello)  
  Keith Entwistle (Percussion)  
  Grace Lee (Violin)  
  Thomas Herzog (Oboe)  
  Christine Rick (Cello)  
  Claire (Violin) and Chian Lim (Viola)  
  Jo Garcia (Cello)  
  Andrew Whettam (Marimba)  
  Francis Cummings (Composer)  
  Jo Foote (Recorder)  
  Robert Weston (Recorder)  
  Sue Perks (singer)  


The recordings are copyrighted to Ruach Breath of Life Ministries 2011, but the material can be used freely if properly attributed.
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