Let the cry of Godís people arise
for the Nordic nations
Ancient strongholds fall before these
powerful declarations
And may we who own His name lead such a life
That God Himself responds to our longing,
Gaining the victory through the strife
As His Spirit inspires this greater belonging.

Fire from the North!

Held 2 - 9 August, 2005
Clickimin Centre, Lerwick, Shetland

The week has come to an end but the fire continues! Thanks to all who helped and contributed in any way.

27 nations and island communities in total were represented by the 350+ people who joined us to worship and seek God's heart.

You can visit the reports page to read articles, poems and summaries of the many highlights, the photo page for pictures of the event, or share and read feedback on your experiences.

Do explore the rest of the site, as we've added a host of 'post-conference' extras - including a pdf of the main themes of the conference, which was recently sent out to all delegates.

Sam Leckie's much-requested slideshow summary of the conference is now online.

To read the PDF publications, you need Adobe Acrobat. Download it free here