The Symbolism of the 

by Hannah Prittie

In the search for a symbol that would best express God's purposes for the Fire from the North Conference, I gathered together all the words and prophecies that had been given. The Lord led my eye over atlas maps, globes and satellite photographs to consider gateways, bridges, castles, and then stepping stones, spears, swords and jewels. Not to mention oil jars, weather vanes, compasses, nets, road signs, Norse wind gauges and arrows... Until finally I reached the lower-case 6th letter of the alphabet.

In this particular typeface, the letter not only stands for fire, but also resembles a dagger or sword - the picture I felt most significant for Shetland 2005. It expresses the targeted and focussed role God has for the conference. It displays a driving force, a strength and an outpouring of blessing from above through the flame. Most importantly, the direction and energy are all pointing downwards. Shetland may have got its name (Old Norse: Hjaltland) from the similarity of the shape of its islands to the hilt of a downwards-pointing sword. And people are now beginning to refer to Shetland as a gateway: a crossroads and a bridge through which God will send mighty blessings.

May the Lord inspire your hearts with the vision,
whether or not you are able to attend in person.

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