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Encountering God at every turn

Talk on encountering God: teaching given at House of the Open Door in Childswickham,
Near Broadway, January 2010.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding the teaching notes letter by letter.
Part one.
Part two.
Part Three.

  Encountering God at every turn
E: Enter and explore
  Consider the last twelve months. How have you met with the Lord? Was it by direct encounter with Him? By means of dreams and visions? By the Lord overruling circumstances – with certain doors closing in your face and others opening for you? Through seemingly ‘chance’ meet ups that proved really important; in your quiet times, when you are out and about; in church; out of church?
How did you encounter Him?
Part one - pdf
Part two - pdf

Part one .doc version
Part two .doc version
N: Noting what God is anointing
  How the Lord longs for people who will feel after Him and who are sensitive to what is on His heart! It is really important to note when God’s presence is especially close, and to “capitalize” on it.
Note what God is doing - pdf

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C: Cultivating Christ-Centredness
  Be encouraged to make a special God time: not for conscious burden bearing but just to be with him in love and worship. See where His Spirit leads you and what comes of it!
Cultivating Christ-centredness -pdf

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O: Observing and Obeying (turns the Ordinary into Encounters with God).
  'Two or three years ago we visited the Observatory in Greenwich with Jane Ware. This is the place from which time was until recently measured all across the world . . .'
The Spiritual Observatory - pdf

.doc version
U: Understanding utterly uncertain and unstable times
  We all know the words of the old hymn Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey – but how do we cope when it feels as though all happiness has gone out of the window?
Undergoing uncertain times - pdf

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N: Nuach - the heart of Ruach Ministries
  Most of you will have heard of the Hebrew noun ‘ruach’ (the ‘breath, wind or Spirit’ of God). Let me introduce you now to ‘nu’ach,’ a verb that occurs on numerous occasions in the Bible. The primary meaning of this precious soothing word is to rest or settle down, to be soothed or quieted.
Nuach - pdf

Nuach - part two - pdf

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.doc version (part two)
T: Trust Levels: Towering or Teetering?
  Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me. (John 14:1)
What a wonderful promise that is! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom – and the Lord wants us to exult in this freedom and to move in the power of it. It is so precious to the Lord when He finds people who are willing to love Him wholeheartedly and to trust Him implicitly! No wonder the powers of darkness do all they can to sap our confidence by targeting our trust. That’s why we are going to be checking over the next two weeks how our trust levels are doing? Are they towering high – or teetering rather too close to empty for comfort?
Trust - pdf part one
Trust - pdf part two


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E: Establish and Enable with Exousia Authority
  E - Exousia - Part One
In all that He was, and in all that He did, Jesus demonstrated the authority that was uniquely His as the Son of God. No one ever taught as He did, let alone healed the humanly incurable, yet He left us with a challenge: to do the same and even more.
Part One

Part Two - pdf
R: Rhema words and Regular Rhythms
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