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Connections is a recording of prayer poems set to inspirational music. The music is performed by highly anointed musicians.
 Robert writes
My life has long focused around connections, both within the body of Christ through the extensive network the Lord has developed over many years, but also in the sense of continuity between what the Lord has done in past generations and what He is doing now. I am always on the lookout to find new ways to communicate my love of the Lord and my heart of prayer, and as music reaches parts of our personality that words alone cannot each, it is very much my prayer that these prayer poems may sow seeds in your hearts that will help to release more of the Lord’s presence and leading in your lives.

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Track List
As we embark on this journey
  Music by Linda Louisa
The Stars can’t warm our Hearts
Come apart my child
  Music by Peter Richards, played by Thomas Herzog
You love to speak
  Music by J.S. Bach
Double Concerto for Oboe and Violin in D Minor, Adagio, J.S.Bach, 1685 - 1750, second movement Adagio, BWV 1060;
Thomas Herzog and Suzannah Herzog
Bird with Broken Wing
  Words and music by Julie Hall www.snowdropmusic.com
Jesus Lover of my Soul
   Words by Charles Wesley, Music by Linda Louisa
Song of the Lord
  Linda Louisa
Agnus Dei
  Linda Louisa
Continuity with Generations past
  Music by Linda Louisa
Raise up Your anointed ones, Lord!
  Music by Vivaldi. Winter, Four Seasons, lead violin, Francis Cummings
My Heart is stirred by a noble theme
   Destiny - written by Francis Cummings (Verses from Psalm 45) Scottish Psalm,
  by Richard Rolle and Bishop Richard of Chichester
But You remain the same
  Written by Francis Cummings. Verses from Zephaniah;
Draw close when the tide is out
  Adagio by Alessandro Marcello 1669 - 1747 from a Concerto in D minor, second movement
Prayer for Prodigals
  Music by Linda Louisa
I am going to my Father
All Creation here below
  (Psalm 19)
As the overall music director, Francis Cummings directed the improvisation, just as he did in the prayer and worship conferences Fire from The North in Shetland, and Fire from the Isles in Jersey. Francis is Head of Music in a music school in Edinburgh, and a worship leader at a large Anglican church a few miles south of the city.

Linda came up with the exquisite piece of music that opens the CD, and which recurs on several of the tracks. We have also resurrected (and orchestrated) several of the beautiful pieces she presented at one of our prayer and worship conferences in Malvern entitled From the Depths to the Heights. These include the beautiful “Song of the Lord”, and the Agnus Dei, which rightly stands at the centre of the CD – for it is Jesus, the Lamb of God, who has made the ultimate connections between God and mankind.

One day, knowing that I had written a prayer than included the words, “Jesus, lover of my soul,” I asked Linda to write a version of Charles Wesley’s famous hymn. She wrote it in less than an hour. With the help of Francis Cummings and Alex Robertson she soon had it orchestrated, and we are delighted to include it in this recording.

Linda also sings “Bird with broken wing” with Helen Richards, who first ministered with us in Canterbury a year ago, and then in Jersey at Fire from the Isles. This is a song by Julie Hall, a highly talented singer songwriter we love to work with. Directly after recording this song, the musicians proceeded to minister to one of the members of the group, which led to the beautiful time of prayer and music that follows it.

Julie was disappointed not to be able to be with us on this occasion, but two of Julie’s friends were with us: Robert Eggleston, who co-read the prayers with Rosalind and myself, and Dave Hart, who plays the flute on Julie’s latest CDs – Days of Wine and Balcombe Bridge. (www.snowdropmusic.com) Dave was the sound engineer who recorded and mastered on our last CD in this genre: Transfiguration. Robert Eggleston wrote the words for Kyrie Eleison (see Snowdrop Music for more about his work as a poet).

It was a great joy to have the husband wife team of Thomas and Susannah Herzog from the Berlin Radio Orchestra with us, playing oboe and violin. Thomas plays the Cor Anglais in the beautiful piece “Come apart my child” that the Lord gave Peter Richards, who is not only an outstanding horn and piano player, but also an anointed composer and arranger.

Richard Williamson, who leads Spirit-led “Happenings” with Epiphany and plays the viola on this CD, was also an immense help in helping to see what would work in any given context – not to mention spotting jarring notes and chords with pin point precision!

May the Lord bless you greatly as you enter in to this rich experience of God’s connection with us, and ours with Him, each other, and the world that He has made.
Readers: Musicians: Recording Engineers:
Robert Weston
Francis Cummings - Violin & Keyboard
(Director of Improvisation)
David Howels
Rosalind Weston Linda Louisa - Vocals & Keyboard Colin Owen
Robert Eggleston Peter Richards - French Horn & Keyboard  
  Shirley Richards - Violin  
  Susannah Herzog - Violin  
  Richard Williamson - Viola  
  Jo Garcia - Cello  
  Keith Entwistle - Percussion  
  Dave Hart - Flute  
  Thomas Herzog - Oboe  
  Helen Richards - Vocalist  
Robert is most grateful to friends who made suggestions as he wrote the prayers: particularly Rosalind, Robert Eggleston, David Jackson and Sally Mowbray.

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The CD is copyrighted to Ruach Breath of Life Ministries 2009, but the material can be used freely if properly attributed.
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